Christine Engblom: Intuitive Development Circle, Reiki, Hypnotherapy

Christine EngblomChristine Engblom is a Reiki Master and Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist currently working on finishing a Masters Degree with a focus in Depth Psychology. She has been providing education and support to empaths, intuitives and mediums in her intuitive development circle and has a love of guiding others to dive deeper into experiencing their own inner truths.

Christine has had contact with the spirit realm since a child and feels deeply connected with her ancestors, Angels, guides, higher self and to source energy. In her intuitive development circle, she aims to create a space of healing and development that includes others who embody curiosity, open mindedness and a non-judgmental stance towards the spiritual dimension of reality.

Intuition is how our soul speaks to us. It shares our physical senses but includes an inner perception of sight, hearing, taste, touch, feeling, and knowing. Our soul is always working with us and bringing experiences into our life that can bring healing, growth and a deeper sense of meaning in life. Development and continually practicing ways to stay in relationship with our soul helps us to lead and live a more soulful life, a more intentional life, one that fullfills us from the inside out.


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