December Astro Forecast by Hamida Judith Dides

sagThe month of December begins with the Sun in Sagittarius. In Evolutionary Astrology Sagittarius is the sign that represents Natural Law as opposed to Man-Made Law. Man-made law, developed by States and Religions, has controlled our behavior for thousands of years. Before that, we lived in accord with nature and did not see ourselves as separate from her. The gods and goddesses we created then ‘ruled’ different aspects of nature: the Sun, the Moon, the Sea etc. As we became more ‘civilized’ we separated ourselves from nature. This separation is reflected in our psyches and is often experienced as a sense of not really belonging here.

At this time of the year when there are so many holidays, we may long for community, closeness with loved ones, and a feeling of belonging but even when surrounded by family, friends, gifts, and food, still feel an emptiness inside sensing that something is missing but not knowing what. Many people run around shopping and looking for ‘that perfect thing’ to give someone, or use to decorate their homes. They may spend money they can’t afford hoping to fill the emptiness.

Most of these holidays are themselves man-made.

Along with the artificial holiday that occurs this month, there actually is a nature-based event this month – the Winter Solstice. The Sun reaches its lowest point at noon, creating the shortest day of the year. The word ‘solstice’ is from Latin and means ‘Sun standing’ because the Sun appears to stand still for a period of time. After the solstice, the days begin to get longer so it is a kind of return of the light. It is believed that the birth of Christ was connected to the solstice intentionally (man-made law) to show how Christ represented the ‘light of the world’. We actually don’t know for sure when Jesus Christ was born…but that’ another topic. In any case, the solstice is ‘real’.

Another hugely important planetary happening in December is the 6th of 7 exact squares between Uranus and Pluto which occurs on December 14. This is as real as it gets. This planetary pattern has been going on since 2012…end of the world as you knew it? Probably due to this set of squares that began then and will finally end (whew) in 2015. The God of Change and Revolution squaring the God of Death and Rebirth. Having any of that in your life in the past 2 years?

That square is exact on December 14, just one week before the Solstice on December 21. This square season is the first ‘test’ of the ideals and changes that were set in motion during their conjunction in the mid 60’s. It is interesting to see how far we’ve come in certain areas and how much things are actually worse. Weren’t we talking about the environment THEN? Didn’t we fight for civil rights THEN? Didn’t we try to stop war THEN? So what’s going on folks?

I heard someone say on KPFA the other day that the 60’s happened so that the ‘baby boomers’ who experienced it could be the elders of today so that we could help the young people deal with all the changes. We actually learned stuff then that will be of use now. Trouble is, of course, that young people rarely listen to their elders. We didn’t. Why should they?

Be that as it may, we are revisiting many of the same issues that were of concern then. It is a good time to evaluate the successes and the failures and tweek the plan as needed.

Another important event that will be felt as a relief for many people, is the transit of Saturn into Sagittarius on December 23. Of course, Saturn always has its lessons, that is its job after all, but in Scorpio, it was just too hard…sorry. I have been saying ‘Santa’s coming’ to my clients. The planetary ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is often connected with the Santa Claus archetype. Jovial (Latin word based on Jupiter), overweight from indulging in food and drink from all the parties, and generous. Just what we need. Laughing, easy-going and open-hearted. Hard to imagine Saturn in this role, but I’m working on it. I want a nice Saturn for a change. I think we all do. Saturn usually remains in a sign for around two years.

The Lunar events are: Full Moon in Gemini December 6 and New Moon in Capricorn December 21/22. Go to my blog for more detail on that Again, the New Moon occurs on the same day as the Sun’s ingress into a new sign – Capricorn.