Discover Your Destiny

Melody Myrick and I just returned from a four day Shambhala healing workshop in Mount Shasta with Susan Isabelle. I hope you’ll join us at the end of April, when Susan comes to Songbird for a weekend workshop, “I Love Crystals” followed by a day of Destiny Readings. At the end of the Shambhala workshop, I got a destiny reading from Susan regarding Songbird and my path. It was uncanny to me how well it matched with other readings and the role that I am struggling to accept.

Susan had me pull seven cards from a basket filled with cards from many different tarot decks. At the top is Intention, flanked and reinforced by Expectancy and the Three of Wands. Susan said that this indicates that Songbird is divinely intended, expected, and ready to happen. The Three of Wands fits with Shambhala Healing which uses the three frequencies of the trinity – Shambhala (thought/paradise/Father), Christ Light, and Shekinah (divine feminine/unconditional love/holy spirit).

The middle shows Songbird now “birthing into form” with gratitude. I love the beautiful birthing image shown on this version of the One of Disks from the Tarot of Transformation. Songbird and I are healers for the body, mind, and spirit. When I asked for clarification of my healing role, we picked an additional card: “Parent/Teacher – Not Preacher.” She told me that it’s time for me to step into my power and start truly overseeing Songbird. This card also ties into Shambhala Healing as it comes from a 72 Names of God Deck. The 72 Names of God are part of Shambhala.

The opposite side of the card has a beautiful meditation, “I desire to lovingly, respectfully, and selflessly shine this wisdom with my children. The preacher in me is silenced. The teacher in me shines through in all my actions.”

Drawing it all together as to where it is going is the Shekinah Dove. I am on the right path in studying Shambhala healing. Six is the Goddess number. Susan suggested we start focusing on bringing that energy into Songbird, and I told her that we already are.

I kept asking Susan how to deal with my resistance, and she kept telling me to just accept my role. And so it is. All is coming to be – just as it is meant to be.

Stop by and discover how Songbird can help you discover your destiny.