Dynamics of the word Dynamic

When I picked the word dynamic for the subject header of my December newsletter, it was because I liked the sound of it next to the word December. However, as I started pondering the various meanings of dynamic, I start realizing that it’s the perfect metaphor for our lives and for Songbird. Dynamic speakers help motivate people. Dynamic memory in computers can be compared to our brains. There are dynamics in music that help make it exciting; we have our first concert this month. Each one of us can be the moving dynamic force or the force being acted on. Which one are you?

Here are some questions to help you consider the question.

  • Do you complain that you don’t have what you want, but don’t try to achieve it?
  • Do you generate ideas, but not work to implement them?
  • Do you wait for others to tell you what to do instead of taking action?
  • Do you let things happen to you instead of making them happen?

If you answered yes to any of these, then it sounds like you could use more dynamic energy in your life.

As you learn to effectively work with dynamics, it’s important to also learn to read the signs you are given and to flow where the force and momentum leads you. Creation doesn’t happen by bulldozing over all of the obstacles or people in your way. It happens by working with them or moving around them, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes we can even turn obstacles into friends.

Often we need a reminder of what we have already learned. Returning to the computer definition at the beginning, if you think of your brain as a computer which needs to be refreshed in order to keep from forgetting, then Songbird is a place to refresh your dynamic memory.

Just as in music, some of our events are loud while others are soft and quiet. Sometimes we are out in the world, and sometimes we need to relax and retreat.

Songbird is a dynamic place in all senses of the word. How do you want to use it to make your life more dynamic?