Enjoying the Present

presentLast weekend we held our first annual equinox potluck and sound celebration. It was a time of connection and support as we welcomed new members to our community and reconnected with old. That evening, in the midst of a fabulous sound healing journey with Spruce Hauschildt, I discovered once again how easy it is to let my memories of the past keep me from enjoying the present moment.

Last month I wrote about the departure of several practitioners making room for new seeds to be planted. This gathering was one of the seeds. For four years, Jeffrey Edelheit has been providing sound healing at Songbird. Like any practitioner, he has his own way of doing things. It is very different from Spruce’s.

Spruce provided us with a participatory event that was exactly what I had asked for and advertised. He encouraged us to move about if we felt called and to make sounds with the music. When some did that, at first I was irritated. Even though it was what I had requested, I initially found it difficult to appreciate it. Part of me wanted an event which was just the way it had always been. That part of me was at war with the part of me that was enjoying an event which was just what it was supposed to be.

Anytime we have a reaction like this, it is caused by our filter system and inner judge telling us how things “should be.” It has nothing to do with what is actually happening. When I was finally able to let go of my memories of the past and move into the present moment, I was able to fully love the beautiful new event growing from the seed of a new Songbird sound healer. Spruce will be returning for the summer solstice. Although I am staying in the moment, my plan next time is to let go of all of the internal voices and fully enjoy the gift of the sound healing journey.

How often do you let your past memories affect how you see the present? What would it be like for you to stay in the moment, just like a child? If you would like support, stop by Songbird to explore the many services, on-going classes, and special events to help you on your healing journey.