Equinox & Blood Moon Eclipse Energy

45044796_sHave you been feeling the energy of the equinox, blood moon, and eclipse? My life is buzzing with energy, more transitions, and the need to accept what is. I hope you too are letting in and letting go of what no longer serves you. Songbird is definitely flowing with the energy. We had a powerful and well-attended equinox ceremony with Sahar Pinkham and Eve Crowe to harness and anchor new beginnings. Right after the blood moon eclipse, our all day Death Immersion on Monday drew on that energy to create an amazing and deep day of collaboration with many different speakers as we explored death in its various aspects. We plan to create more events to bring related speakers and practitioners together in the future.

Stones Throw turned one-year old on October 1. We will be having a big one year anniversary open house on Saturday from 6pm-8pm. Come meet artists from the store, artists from our Art Trails Open Studios preview exhibit, plus  enjoy refreshments and free face readings with Naomi Tickle. [put in link www.naomitickle.com]

See below for details on our other events coming up in October.