Faith & the Daytime Dream

faithLast weekend’s solstice marked the official start of summer. As I enjoy the growth of the seeds we planted at Songbird in the spring, I also ponder the appropriateness of this metaphor. Instead of following a linear path, time currently seems to be operating more like a dream. I never know what will come next.

The Toltecs believe that we are dreaming 24/7. The only difference between our daytime dream and our nighttime dream is that we have created a structure for our daytime dream. At night, we have no structure and anything is possible. When you can let go of your daytime structure, and your attachment to things being a particular way, you can successfully manifest anything you want.

Some parts of the structure are important. If you don’t stop at a red light, you risk an accident or a ticket. However, if you are a powerful enough dreamer, you could create a dream where you would be perfectly safe, even if you ran a red light and there was traffic. I have met a couple people who drove right through cars that they should have hit. They emerged on the other side as if it never happened.

The key to intentionally doing something is 100% faith in what you are doing. When you know without a doubt that you can do something, it naturally manifests. At the same time, that faith comes from opening yourself up to listening from your inner knowing, instead of letting your monkey mind get in the way. Actions from our mind might not manifest. One of the speakers in the movie “The Secret” says that you could walk on water if you believed it 100%, but you don’t. Because you are trying to put that belief on top of a host of other beliefs that say you can’t, you can’t. That’s what distinguishes successful firewalkers from unsuccessful ones. No amount of affirmations will work until you clear out the contrary beliefs.

I have faith that Songbird is thriving and so it is. We will be more harvesting more seeds over the coming months – whether they grew in a linear fashion or not.

Songbird offers you many opportunities to build your faith in yourself and your dreams. If you are ready, please stop by and check out what we are offering to support you. No matter how many beliefs you have cleared out though, I don’t recommend trying either to drive through a car or to walk on water.