Going with the Flow

Rain. Sun. Snow. Hail. We never what the weather will bring us. It’s always flowing. Just like life. When I remember to go with the flow and trust that everything I need will come to me,it does. I took this cloud picture during my trip to Damanhur, Italy last summer. The entire trip was an example of going with the flow.

Recently I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction CD in preparation for the Tuesday group, Abraham said to make two columns: one for what you are going to do, and one for what the Universe is going to do for you. That way you don’t feel so overwhelmed and everything can still get done. I think I’m a lot like Esther Hicks that way  – often trying to do too much too quickly. When I relax and let it flow, somehow everything that needs to get done gets done when it needs to get done. I attune myself to the vibration of love, joy, and abundance instead of fear and lack.