Transitions and Harmonious Parenting

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It’s always the season of fundamental life transitions!

Do you tend to avoid life transitions and hope they’ll go away? If you answered ‘yes’ then that’s the first step to more ease and joy! What I mean is, you answered honestly, and that brings freedom. Visible Transitions methodology begets a kind and creative truth face-off.

This summer has been focused on Harmonious Parenting. Most of you know my immeasurable passion for working with the young people which took flight several years ago whilst living in Los Angeles. I’m a trained artist teacher for emotionally disturbed and at-risk youth at an award winning non-profit in LA, Check them out!

That said, I often work with parents and children who I’ve asked following questions:

Is your teenager being accepted by the opposite sex?
Is your child coming home crying because she or he was not invited to the birthday party?
Is your child having difficulty excelling in school and studies?

You may be asking, “How are these questions and situations related to transition?” to which I answer: Most children suffering these experiences are of pubescent age. The impact of a child’s emotional development in this rite of passage is often overlooked.

There are four types of Transitions in adolescence. One is BIOLOGICAL, or more popularly known as puberty.  The immediate impact of puberty on the adolescent’s self-image and mood may be very modest, the timing of physical maturation does affect the teen’s social and emotional development in important ways.

Why suffer any longer? If you resonate with these questions, contact me for a consultation so we can reduce resistance, stress and anxiety  for you and your child. You’ll walk away from the session knowing how to create more ease and joy in transition, now and for years to come!

Janet CaliriJanet Caliri is a human potential practitioner whose mission is igniting human potential. She is a former medical professional in cardiovascular radiology, professional photographer, a certified life coach, published author and trained artist teacher for emotionally disturbed and at-risk youth at an award winning non-profit in LA.  There she learned how to work with students of different challenges, how to build community, handle interventions and instill a culture of respect, courage and accountability where students and teachers work and play together as equals.

As the founder of Visible Transitions, Janet went through many life transitions herself, the latest being a five year illness that stole her life force. Hence, Visible Transitions was born from combining her top passions and skills to devote to our next generation. This photographic methodology effectively supports people who are challenged in or about to embark upon a life transition. This is done by charting progress, one click at a time, while exploring self-care and non-dual science techniques. Please join Janet in her vision of creating joy and ease for youngsters who are challenged in a life transition.