Healthcare is Not One Size Fits All

I frequently run across people struggling with health issues and how to treat them. I too was in that place 20 years ago when I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. I wanted to treat it alternatively, but didn’t know where to turn. The Hands of Gold Healing Clinic and later Songbird sprouted from that seed.

Twenty years ago, alternative medicine was not so readily available, and the web was still in its infancy. That meant it was not as easy to find options. However, I am lucky to have two sisters who practice healing arts. Since I had a mild case of Grave’s Disease, they encouraged me to explore holistic options first. They gave me some referrals, but weren’t able to give me much direct support due to distance and their busy lives.

Even though I eventually chose to take medication, I am grateful that I took time to explore the options and get informed. By doing this, I was able to make a non-pressured decision. I was able to start my healing process at the underlying mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

A few years later, after serving its purpose of waking me up to the world of alternative medicine, my hyperactive thyroid went into remission. I believe that is due to treating it at more than just the physical level. I have not taken medication for 17 years. If I had been able to access the wealth of knowledge available now, I might not have needed medication at all.

One of my visions for Songbird is for it to be a community where you can explore a variety of different healing modalities and find what resonates with you. It may be one option, or it may be many. It may be an alternative or a complement to modern medicine. You may find that only modern medicine is the right choice for you. Healthcare is not one size fits all.

Come nest at Songbird, and discover your connecting branch for the body, mind, and spirit.