How Much Water Do I Need?

Your body is comprised of about 70-75% water.  It makes sense to keep the tank full to operate optimally.
The rule is: drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day, and a little more if exercising.  So, it you weigh 150lbs drink 75 oz.  Gradually work up to the proper amount if you are not drinking that much already.
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Rhonda Lee

sonomacountycotatiholistichealthcoachingrhondaleeRhonda Lee grew up in the mid-west on a small family farm. She learned early on about the cycles of life and how striving for and living natural balance is key to a happy and healthy life. Her focus with clients is finding this balance as a holistic health coach. Honoring your physical body allows one to fulfill passions and dreams. She believes that without health it is difficult to realize your potential.

Her background is diverse and her training includes: Waldorf Class Teacher grades 1-8, CA licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, CHEK Exercise Coach and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach I, mentorship with Dr. Daniel Kalish in functional medicine, water fitness and group exercise instructor, and professional potter since 1975.

Rhonda loves helping clients learn new ways to support a healthy body. She gives consultations and coaching on diet, exercise, hydration, adrenal health, digestion and gut issues, sleep problems, foggy thinking, and weight loss. Individual plans are formulated using health history, science based lab tests (saliva and stool tests), goals, and her knowledge and expertise in a straight forward approach.