Intentions vs Resolutions

Do you make and break New Year’s resolutions every year? I gave up on resolutions because my resolutions felt like they were coming from a place of “I should be doing something differently.” Once I start telling myself I should do something, my inner judge starts criticizing me if I don’t: “You didn’t do what you said you were going to. You’re not good enough…” Intentions, on the other hand, have a very positive feel to me. They are what Songbird’s success, and most recently its move, is built on.

When I set an intention, it is something I intend 100% to do in that moment. However, if circumstances change, my intention can change with it without feeling like I am breaking a resolution or a commitment. For instance, on Thursday, I intended to go over to Songbird in the morning to talk to a contractor who was working there. When my sister called from England, I chose to talk to her instead. If I had resolved that I would make it over to Songbird, I might have felt guilty. Instead, I chose to shift my intention based on new data. If there were consequences of not going to Songbird in the morning or I had recently talked to my sister, then the decision would have not been so easy. Intention is about “choice,” not “have to’s.”

In September, I was becoming increasingly clear that Songbird was not working, and I was equally clear that I wanted to keep Songbird open. When your intention is clear and you have no expectation of how Spirit will respond, miracles can happen. That’s how I manifested our new space. If I had not been clear about what I wanted, I would not have considered moving when the opportunity arose. If I had not been clear about the parts of my director job that I didn’t enjoy, I would not have been ready to hire Linda Adrain as Community Coordinator when the opportunity arose. When you say “yes” to Spirit and get out of the way of your inner and outer judges, life magically unfolds in unexpected ways.

Action follows intention. If you aren’t getting the results you want, create new intentions. Keep changing your intention until your results match. If your intention is to exercise 30 minutes/day, but you only exercise every other day than change your intention to something different or look at what other intentions in your life you could change in order to exercise every day.

It isn’t always easy, but the more underlying beliefs you break, the more you can align with Spirit to create what you want. That’s why Songbird was created. Use our supportive community and our variety of services and classes to help you set your intentions, release the blocks to fulfilling them, and manifest them.

I look forward to seeing you at our new location in 2013!