January Astro Forecast by Hamida Judith Dides

CapricornI am not one for predictions or even forecasting. I watched a lot of Art Linkletter as a child. His famous show included a segment called “People Are Funny” and I learned early on that this is indeed true. Since astrological symbols can be interpreted widely depending on the consciousness of individuals, just looking at the planets and aspects involved is not enough. We are all complex creatures subject to whims, moods and tummy aches, in other words, highly unpredictable.

Having given my opening gambit, I feel I have unhooked myself from the task of predicting the upcoming year. That being said, I will discuss the upcoming month of January and the most important transits and aspects.

We begin our year, January 1 to be exact, with Mars opposing Jupiter. In Evolutionary Astrology, Mars represents desire, Jupiter truth and meaning – a perfect aspect for setting your New Year’s Resolutions. Since we often set intentions/resolutions based not on what is, but what we wish to be….there’s Mars bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to assist you. Do your resolutions and intentions mesh with your belief system and what is currently meaningful to you or are you wishing for the impossible? We must know and understand where we are so that our resolutions and intentions are actually achievable. Why set yourself up for failure? Take some time to assess your current position, then make resolutions/intentions that are realistic. Remember that the journey begins with one step. Take that one step now rather than waiting ‘til January 1. Each day, take a step until that is so much a habit you don’t even have to think about it anymore. Then start taking 2 steps, continuing with that until 2 steps a day becomes a habit. You see? You didn’t become a pack a day smoker by smoking a whole pack the first time. Most bad habits take time to develop. So do good habits.

Desire on a deeper level, that is, the soul level, is highlighted on January 3 when the Sun is conjunct Pluto who represents the deepest desires of the soul. On that day, the Sun (and Pluto) are square Uranus, god of revolution and change. If I were to say that we begin the year in the midst of a lot of social change and revolution, I would be on the mark. You may have heard the express “As Above, So Below.” In astrology that means, what is going on in the cosmos is reflected in our own daily life. And we can clearly see how the god of death and rebirth is squaring the god of revolution and sudden change.

This is probably going on in some way in your own life. Most astrologers suggest that if we work the transits consciously and willingly, we can benefit from them rather than be the ‘victims’ of them. Is change looming on your horizon? Try to welcome it, looking forward to the new life that beckons, rather than fighting it tooth and claw, ending up injured and in pain. Ah yes, change.

What we are currently seeing is a kind of replay of the ‘60s where once again people are in the streets fighting for civil rights confronted by an ever-increasingly militarized police force. I will never forget protesting at the Induction Center in Oakland in 1968 and seeing the whole street filled with police marching towards us. I felt like I was no longer in America. That somehow I had been transported to Nazi Germany in the ‘30s.

After passing through Aquarius, Mars and Venus move into Pisces, joining Neptune. In a way, idealism can end in la-la land if it is not sufficiently grounded. Many in the ‘60s dropped out rather than fight the system. Will this happen again? Will we make progress in changing the structures of society or will be give up and ‘kick back’ with our newly won right to smoke pot whenever and where ever we want? An interesting juxtaposition these days. More marijuana rights, more militarized police forces. Maybe they just want us to go away and get stoned so they can take over control completely.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget another, yes another Mercury retrograde, which will take place January 21 a day after the Sun goes into Aquarius (didn’t we just have one? I haven’t gotten over the last one yet). Mercury will go direct February 11.

I think the message this coming month is to set your intentions for the coming year, while remaining realistic. Watch yourself to see where and when you ‘zone out’ when challenges come. Determine what is meaningful to you and be willing to focus your energy and attention to that. Find and follow your own star, not someone else’s.

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