Mainfesting and the Inner Compass

'Compass Rose' photo (c) 2012, Margaret W. Carruthers - license: are all powerful manifestors. We are always manifesting something, but it isn’t always what we desire. When my desires don’t come about, it is usually because I am not following the inner compass that guides me. When I do follow it, there are none of the should’s, expectations, and judgments that come from my inner committee of voices.

Your inner compass may not direct you where you expect. I didn’t expect to open a healing center. I didn’t expect to buy a building for it. I didn’t expect to be in a fabulous relationship right now… However, it’s where my inner compass led me.

Sometimes manifesting is easy, and sometimes it is difficult. This is just like taking road trips. Sometimes you take short journeys, and sometimes long ones. Sometimes you travel slowly through mountains, and sometimes you coast down into valleys. Sometimes there may be lots of traffic. Sometimes you have to detour. If you don’t give up, eventually you reach your destination, as long as you are following the right road. On the other hand, if you desire to get somewhere that you can’t get to from the road you are following, you will not succeed in getting there.

Your inner compass might not speak in words. Perhaps it addresses you in images, feelings, sounds, or something completely different. Perhaps it is a combination of these. Perhaps it is different at different times. The only constant is its non-judgmental clarity and certainty – just like a compass always points north, even if you don’t follow it. The difficulty comes in tuning into the compass beneath the much louder voices that were programmed into us. These voices distort the reading and try to tell us what we should do and believe. They complain if we don’t follow a particular path.

The right path for you is not necessarily the right path for anybody else. We all have our own lives to live. If you live your life from your inner compass, you will succeed in creating your life the way it is meant to be. It may mean being single, or it may mean being in relationship. It may mean being rich, or it may mean being poor. It may mean having a 9-5 job, or it may mean having ten little jobs. It probably will not look like what your inner voices expect or say it should. Each of us has our own path to discover and accept. What is yours, and how can Songbird support you in following it?