Natalie Doel: Intuitive Angel Card Readings & Energy Healing

Natalie Doel began her lifetime commitment to spiritual growth, energy healing, and the intuitive arts in 2006. She discovered angel expert Kyle Gray in 2017 and has studied angels and oracle card reading with him since then using his beautiful, empowering decks. This culminated in her earning the title of Certified Angel Guide in Spring 2020, and she continues to be amazed by the profound blessings that this work brings to both herself and her clients.  She simply never knows what might come through in a session, but it always seems to be just what the client needs.

Natalie believes that the greatest healing happens when we get out of the way and act as channels for the Divine.  Her goal is to help her clients realize that everything they need already exists within them; it is just a matter of learning to claim it.  Rather than calling herself a healer, she sees herself as a facilitator of reconnection to Source, where the answers to all our deepest longings can be found.

Natalie is also the mother of a child who came into the world with a high level of psychic and spiritual awareness, which puts her in a good position to help other parents of spiritually-advanced kids. She also loves to write and shares channeled prayers, messages and other inspirations on her website blog.



Natalie’s Upcoming Events:

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