New! Monthly Astro Forecast by Hamida Judith Dides, MA

hamida [By Hamida Judith Dides, MA]  I am an astrologer, herbalist and educator, so in that spirit, I will begin this column each month with some information, then go on to the astrological news for the month.

To begin, I want to talk about the meaning of the word ‘month’. The word comes from words for ‘moon’.

There are three types of months – the calendar month (an artificial creation by government and/or religion used to regulate everyday life), the lunar month – which goes from New Moon to New Moon and lasting approximately 29.5 days, and the astrological month which goes from sign to sign – based on the ingress of the Sun into a particular part of the ecliptic (the path of constellations the Sun traverses in the sky). The astrological month we in the west use is actually not in accord with what is going on in the sky. The truer relationship is that used in Vedic astrologically, so western astrology is symbolic rather than actual.

Two signs appear in any calendar month: the last 3 weeks of one sign and the first week of the next. In addition, the calendar month rarely corresponds to a lunar month. Whew, so complicated.

This column will give the most important transits for the calendar month. This month there is a lot going on, so I will just do the highlights.

Full Moon in Taurus November 6.

New Moon in Sagittarius November 22.

Look for posts on these lunar events on my personal blog

scorpioNovember starts out in the sign of Scorpio, which naturally rules the 8th house, then on November 22 we go into Sagittarius.

In general, Scorpio deals with the womb and the tomb – intimacy, sex, and death. Often considered the ‘taboos’ but certainly the most intense aspects of life. Scorpio is intense, deep and penetrating. Because of their depth of feeling (as with other water signs which relate to the emotions) Scorpio people often seem aloof and even cold. They may keep people at arm’s length because they are so sensitive.

The traditional ruler of Scorpio was Mars, but since the discovery of Pluto in the 1930s, Pluto has ruled Scorpio. The form of astrology I practice focuses on Pluto since it represents the Soul’s Purpose in one’s life.

We start the month with Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, then on the 9th, Mercury also goes into Scorpio, so there’s a lot of action in that sign this month.

We are encouraged to take a good hard look at our values. What is of worth to us? Are our actions in line with our values? Take care that your words are blessings rather than curses both when speaking to others and in self talk. Words have the power to create. Make sure you are creating what you really want. Thoughts are also creative. All creative acts begin with thoughts.

On November 10, the traditional ruler, Mars (Will) conjuncts the modern ruler, Pluto (Soul’s Purpose). A good time to put into action decisions you have made earlier in the month.

Mars will also square Uranus on November 12. Uranus is currently in Aries ruled by Mars. Pay attention! Take care while driving or around any kind of electrical equipment. Think before you act.

Neptune in Pisces will turn direct on Nov 15. Dreams, creative imagination, inspiration and spirituality will be more accessible than when Neptune was retrograde. Imagine the subtle and ineffable being even more subtle (Neptune retrograde). In our loud, brash and flashy modern world, Neptune is mostly unseen and ignored but comes out in its ‘negative’ manifestations: addiction, glamour, illusion. But Neptune represents our connection to Source. For those of us who value this connection, Neptune is an active and positive influence in our lives.

At the end of the month and into December, Uranus and Pluto will do the sixth of seven exact squares which have been occurring since 2012. The last square will be in 2015. This three year period has been a test of ideas put in motion when the two were conjunct between 1965 and 1966. For most, if not all of us, this has been a period of constant change, often rapid and sometimes traumatic.

How these transits affect you depends on the house placement of the signs and planets in your personal chart. If you don’t know your chart, it might be a good time to get a reading. Contact me at