New Year Offerings to Light the Darkness

The winter solstice has passed, and winter is officially here. While the days are getting longer, we are still in the darkest time of year. In the craziness of the holidays and the long dark nights, it can be easy to get stressed or depressed. I am grateful for all the literal and metaphoric ways to brighten our lives – ways that we wouldn’t have if we were living 100 years ago.

These dark evenings offer the opportunity for reflection, exploration, and gratitude. There are many outer amenities that we enjoy. Some of you might be struggling to pay the bills, but if you were living 100 years ago, you wouldn’t even have had a telephone, indoor plumbing, electricity or car. Your grocery choices would have been limited, and you wouldn’t have had shampoo. You definitely wouldn’t have had a computer and Internet access to read this newsletter and to keep you connected with the world. All the things that were on your Christmas wish list either didn’t exist or didn’t exist in their current form. We have a lot to be grateful for. We have been given the gift of living in modern times with all it has to offer us.

In addition to the outer world changes in the last 100 years, we now have an amazing array of choices to help us stay healthy and discover our passion. We also have the freedom and support to live many lifestyles that couldn’t even have been imagined 100 years ago. More and more of us are moving from a fear-based world into a love-based world.  How can you stay healthy and shift your life to make choices that better serve you? What do you have to offer the world? Stop by Songbird and explore the new offerings we have to light you on your way to a wonderful 2012.