Pain and Rain

patience imageI recently saw this poem on Facebook: “Everybody wants happiness. Nobody wants pain. But you can’t make a rainbow without a little rain.” When you stand strong and face the downpour, you get to see the beautiful rainbow – sometimes even in the midst of the rain.

Pain is one possible reaction to shifts in your life. Another possible reaction is what I wrote about in last month’s blog, “Shift Happens.” Pain comes in many forms including physical pain, emotional pain, and mental pain caused by your mind telling you things that aren’t really true. Pain is the gateway to transformation. You can use it as a wake up call for what you need to shift in your life. When you shift your attention, the pain goes away and you are happy. You see the rainbow instead of the rain.

I don’t see either rain or rainbows as positive or negative. I view the rain as symbolizing the many life happenings pouring down on me. Right now I’m assisting my son move to San Diego, helping Allen choose school and summer activities for his son, integrating Melody as assistant director, learning to work with the new Songbird Council, and much more. I’d love to be enjoying the rainbow at the end instead of the rain happening now. However, I can also choose to focus on the rainbow at any time. My busy life is only painful when I choose to see it that way.

I received another quote on Facebook the same day as the rainbow one: “Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind– David G. Allen. When I take time to feel the calm acceptance and don’t fight what is happening in my life, the rain disappears.

Our Friday Flock Nights at Songbird this month focus on the energetic shifts we need to make to release pain on all levels. Come to these or some of the other many opportunities we provide to help you enjoy rain, rainbows, pain and happiness.