Perspective and Perfection

What percentage of your life do you consider “negative” and what percentage “positive”? How often do you focus on the negative instead of the positive? A few weeks ago, I was weeding the labyrinth in my backyard. At one point, I heard my inner critic telling me, “You shouldn’t have to be weeding. You put in a ground cover so you wouldn’t have to weed. You didn’t do a good job with it.” And then I flashed back to what my labyrinth looked like last year. All of a sudden I realized what I was doing. I was focusing on the one dark spot in a field of beautiful light.

It’s easy to focus on the problem areas and ignore what has been accomplished. Sure, the ground cover wasn’t perfect, but last year at this time the weeds were a foot high and much more difficult to pull. Now there were just a few of them scattered among the beautiful thyme. The thyme was overgrowing the edges of the labyrinth, but it was nothing compared to the way the weeds were overgrowing it last year. This year I have a gorgeous garden. A year ago I had only a labyrinth on a patch of dirt. I stopped to relax, count my blessings, and feel my gratitude at living in California where I can be out weeding in February and enjoying a warm sunny day.

When you are complaining about something in your life, remember to put it in perspective. Are things really as bad as you are telling yourself? Are they improving? Are you growing and planting new seeds for the life you want to be living? It’s important to focus on removing the dark spots that keep you from the light, but it’s equally important to focus on making the light stronger so that the dark can’t get in. Most importantly, do your best not to judge yourself for the job you are doing. Remember that who you are will change with the seasons and your perspective. Allow the perfection of each moment to permeate your being, and enjoy the flowers that you are growing in your life garden.