Politics, Choices, and Gratitude

The recent election gave us a wonderful opportunity to look at what things we choose to react to. In a world of non-duality, there are no right or wrong or good or bad choices. How well are you able to practice this when it comes to politics and other areas of your life? Where do you get stuck? Can you be grateful for the opportunity this gives you to grow and explore? I have realized that one of the beliefs I hold that keeps me arguing (in this and other areas) is not that someone should believe the same thing I do, but that they should understand both sides of the story before deciding.

When you react to something, see if you can find the belief that creates the reaction. You can then choose whether you want to change it or not. To change your energetic state, you can focus on gratitude. If there is something you do not feel grateful for, find the belief that keeps you from feeling it. Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to start a regular gratitude practice. Every year my son and I make a long list on adding machine paper that includes everything under the sun from the sun to pens to community. We hang the list from the top of our staircase for a few weeks. I’m always amazed by all the things I can think of to be grateful for.

This year I am especially grateful that Spirit has gifted me with a new home for Songbird and that the community is helping me to remodel it into a beautiful space. I am grateful for the support of everyone who has taught and attended classes at Songbird. Without you, Songbird would not exist. What are you grateful for this year?