Shift Happens

Teotihuacan Pyramid of SunI recently returned from a spiritual power journey to the Toltec pyramid complex of Teotihuacan in Mexico. This was my 7th trip over the past 13 years, but it has been 7 years since I was last there. Every trip has shifted my life in vastly different ways – sometimes drastically and sometimes more subtly. The powerful energy there makes it easier to make the changes I desire. My journey this time was about trust and manifestation.

The Toltecs believe that we are dreaming 24/7. During the day, we have a structure of beliefs that control what we believe is possible and what we can create. We see life through a small opening that keeps us from drawing on the vast capabilities of the Universe. When we widen the opening, by letting go of what holds us back, anything is possible, just like in our nighttime dreams.

During the six day journey, I released some of my limiting beliefs about what is possible, and especially about what is possible with the Songbird Community. One belief was that I don’t have anything to offer the world. While Songbird has been my creation, I have often felt that others believed in it more than me. Spirit has had to drag me every step of the way with its insistence that I needed to be following the path that I am on. I have struggled with spending time and money on something that I was not sure was valuable. Because I was uncertain of the value, I did not feel comfortable asking others to assist me, even though I have been burning out.

While I was in Teotihuacan clearing my blocks to trust, I got a clear message to hire Melody Myrick to help me out more. Melody and I had already planned to discuss this possibility on my return, but when I left on the journey, her life was making it challenging for her to even complete the small amount of work that she was doing for me. It didn’t seem feasible for her to successfully do more. However, I listened instead of ignoring and challenging the message I was repeatedly receiving. When I got back, I discovered that during my trip, Spirit was also sweeping away the blocks in her life. She is now ready to take on the role of Assistant Manager. I am now ready to believe that investing in Songbird is a valuable use of resources. Melody and I are now working together to make the Songbird community thrive.

We have also now completed our new membership policy which includes options for public and practitioner community membership along with clearer ways to volunteer.

I am now finally clear that I am exactly where I need to be. I am trusting that everything will successfully and easily manifest in Songbird and in my life. You too can reach this place.

We are in a period of quick transformation. Nothing stays constant. Just as you are shifting, so is everyone around you. Remain in the moment and respond to everyone and everything based on the present moment, not based on your views of the past or your projections of the future. Whenever you are feeling that you aren’t where you want to be in body, mind, and spirit, you can draw on the Songbird community to help you.