Silver Lining Gifts

Am I from Arcturus? I don’t know, but my willingness to entertain that possibility is part of the silver lining in a cloudy one-year relationship that has now ended. Another is the way my ex tried to discredit me a few days ago to my friends in a way that makes it clear that there is no going back. It hurts tremendously, but I needed that silver lining gift to let go of the belief that things were improving and to cut the ties in a relationship that on one level should have ended long ago.

It is important to know when to let go, but, if it had ended sooner, I wouldn’t have this blog or created many other beautiful memories. If I had ended it sooner, he might not have done what he did, but I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with him two weeks ago. I bring up Arcturus because Sybil recently told me I was from there. Without that year with my ex, I would have looked at Sybil like she was crazy. He is the one who got me started exploring UFO’s, ET’s, and their spiritual wisdom. These are more of the silver lining gifts I received from him.

Since the April class where Sybil shared my Arcturian roots with me, I have started reading more about Arcturians. Everything I read about them resonates with how I live and strive to live my life. Others have told me it makes perfect sense. It also fits my difficulty in relationships. I think that is part of what I came into this life to learn about. Sybil says I am better integrated than most star people because I have had many past lives on this planet.

According to one of my books, the Arcturians are teachers on a mission of love, spiritual involvement, learning, connection, and energy infusion. That ties in completely with my passion statement which I developed two years ago in Italy and have applied to Songbird: “To share information and support growth for everyone through community, connection, and creativity.”

Of course, stories about Arcturians and past lives could just be fodder to keep my mind happy. And that’s fine too. You can take it or leave it. It’s fun to tell stories without having to know whether they are true or not. In this age of transformation, I am learning not to discount anything and not to believe anything. I am trying to embody the Toltec path, let go of attachment, and focus on love.

Some of the other silver lining love stories that have come out of this year together include a stronger community at Songbird, exploration of crystal skulls, discovering more of my feminine qualities, strengthening connections with female friends, and realizing how much my caring nature causes me to try to help people.

Being able to see the silver lining doesn’t mean that I’m not feeling pain and sadness at the transition. It means that I am not telling myself victim stories. With anything that happens to us in life, we can look at what we are telling ourselves and consciously turn it into a love story. We can choose what we want to believe and how we want to focus our attention.