Spring Flowers

Red tulipsSongbird Center held a fabulous spring equinox and sound journey on March 21. We missed seeing those of you who couldn’t attend. The season has now shifted from winter, a time of introspection, into spring, a time of growth. The flowers are starting to bloom. Each one is unique, just like each of you. If you could be a flower, what flower would you be? Choose the first answer that pops into your head without judging it. Then starting exploring why you chose it.

What color is the flower you chose? Free associate objects that have that color and what association you might have with them. Red could bring up strawberries or blood. You could love strawberries or be allergic to them. You might associate blood with death or life. Perhaps the color is tied in with the chakras – red: grounding, orange: creativity, yellow: power: green: love, blue: communication, indigo: intuition, violet: spirituality. Is the color signifying an area where you excel or an area where you are blocked?

What size is the flower? Is it a large flower or a small flower? Does it grow by itself or with others? Does it stand out or get lost in a sea of other flowers? Is it thriving or wilting? Is it a wildflower or a cultivated flower? A common flower or an unusual flower? How could its different attributes be a metaphor for your life? How do you see yourself in relationship to others?

Is this the type of flower you want to be? Is there something about it that you want to shift? What kind of flowers do you want to surround yourself with?

What seeds do you need to plant in your life this spring in order to grow into the kind of flower you want to be? What weeds surround you that you need to pull out in order to thrive? Are you planted in the right type of soil?

There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions. You are different from everyone else in the world. Even though each specimen of a specific type of flower is similar, each one is also still unique. What serves you is not necessarily the same as anyone else. Observe your answers. Take action to change your life if you choose. Take action to keep your life the same if you choose. If you feel stuck and need support, remember the many services that Songbird offers to help you thrive in body, mind, and spirit. We look forward to helping you.