The Return of Earth-based Ritual and Ceremony

woman holding globeSince the beginning of time, ritual and ceremony have been used as transformational processes to return balance where it is needed most – and it begins with ourselves.

All HUMAN imbalance results from losing who we are, at our core. It is common for us to stray from self … to get caught up in the self, as we desperately seek love and acceptance. Yet, that only pulls us away from our own power, our own ability to impact the world.

In order to reconnect with our hearts, souls and essence, we can implement ritual and ceremony to return to wholeness.

For tens of thousands of years, our ancestors have used ritual and ceremony to restore balance by creating resiliency, establishing a sense of connection, and promoting physical and emotional health. This kind of community experience is so transforming and exciting, that those who used it shared it with others and passed on this “waking up” epiphany over and over, throughout time.

Today, indigenous cultures that still use ritual and ceremony remain strong. They also choose to share their wisdom with modern society to help us through this uncertain time.

It’s our job to listen.

Only when we, as individuals, return to wholeness and teach others to do the same, can we restore the natural balance so desperately lacking on our planet and within ourselves.

My Choice To Return To Wholeness

From a very young age, I learned how easily leaders can be seduced by power, and how their influence could imprison rather than inspire people.

My first experience with this was my own father, who was an alcoholic and sociopathic abuser. I watched the influence he had over my mother, my brother, and me, as the decades passed, and how we each developed our own survival mechanisms to overcome our pain.

From the example of his own upbringing, my father believed it was his right to do whatever he wanted to us – and the abuse we suffered was unfathomable.

This was my first witnessing of how a leader who abuses his power can devastate those he is responsible for protecting.

For most of my 20’s and 30’s I was a spiritual seeker training as a healer and transformational group leader. I was magnetized to groups that mirrored the dysfunctional family patterns of my upbringing and found myself repeatedly retraumatized and disillusioned.

But I also became wiser and more self-aware.

I came to realize that when we step into leadership, we must hold our wounded consciousness with greater responsibility. We always have a choice. We are the ones who create our lives. And when we proclaim that “the victim story ends here, with us”, then IT DOES.

We become the first leaders to heal our lineage and create the world we desire.

Stepping Into Sacred Leadership

As part of my commitment to creating a thriving world for future generations, I founded a school devoted to training women and men in Sacred Leadership from an “Indigenous Mind” model. There are very few people in the world offering mentoring in sacred leadership, and even fewer using indigenous ritual technologies as the vehicle for reconnection. We need healthy, grounded, competent mentors now more than ever.

If you are a spiritual healer – or bridge person who acts as a guide for others in moving from where they are now, to where they long to be – you likely feel a deep calling to your work. You are driven to help others live better, more fulfilled and joyful lives. You understand the importance of authentic, grounded community leaders in building strong, healthy relationships. You know the importance of holding a safe and sacred space for transformation to happen, and you long to use your gifts as a sacred leader to make a real impact.

Well, that’s me too.

On September 12 & 13, I want to call you to step forward to participate in a life-changing weekend of saying YES to your Calling as a Bridge-Person and a Sacred Leader.

The Sacred Leadership Summit will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Rafael, CA.

This summit has the potential to completely transform your life.

It will re-center you into a much deeper truth as you reconnect with yourself, your soul, and your purpose.

You will walk away from this event feeling an acute sense of coming home – to yourself and to the Earth community.

You will be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools and new models you need to foster positive change in humanity, and within yourself.

You will feel more connected with your sacred calling to leadership, and you’ll receive support and mentoring for this particular journey.

You will take positive, influential action on behalf of future generations – guided by your own inner-wisdom – and you WILL make the impact your heart is called to make.


I hope to see you there!

Thank you for who you are and all you bring. You are a miracle!

With Devotion to a Sacred Future,

Maria Owl Gutierrez
Founder & Director, Sacred Future School

maria owl guitierrezMaria Owl Gutierrez is a professor and Dean of Students at Energy Medicine University – a cutting edge school offering research based MS and PhD degrees to students all over the world. She is also the founder of Sacred Future School, where she directs the Nature Therapy & Rites of Passage Facilitator Certification program.