The Ripple Effect

The day before my Saturday Toltec Recapitulation Breathing class, I realized I had not sent out an e-mail to my personal e-mail list about it. I almost decided not to do it at that point, but I did. I’m glad I did. This is part of the Law of Attraction: holding the energy of what we want to create and taking action to make it happen. Two people showed up from that mailing. We had a wonderful experience. More and more I am hearing from people who are excited about finding Songbird and the great energy that it has. Is it time for you to stop by and check it out again?

After class, I started thinking about the effects that Songbird is having on people’s lives. When we do something, we never know whether will have a major or a minor impact. We have to both excitedly throw it out to the world and do our best to stay detached from the outcome. It is our passion for what we are doing that draws people in and our passion that makes it hard to stay detached. Every small pebble that we drop can have big ripples in the world. We may not see the effect of all the ripples, but every action we make has a reaction. Are you happy with the reactions you are getting to the actions you are taking in your life? If not, it’s time to try something new. Find a new pebble to toss and see if you like what you create. If not, try again. Never say that you can’t make a difference. Every little action counts. What are you doing to make a difference?