The Way the WInd Blows

windy dayLast Wednesday was a windy fall day. As the seasons change, Songbird too is changing. Like yesterday’s wind, the weather is constantly shifting and unpredictable. We never know whether there will be a wind or what direction it might blow. Life can be like this. Songbird is heading toward another new transition as Melody Myrick, one of my best friends and one of the long term practitioners at the heart of the Songbird community, prepares to leave and move in a new direction. At the same time, as the energy of Songbird has been getting more centered and grounded, we are drawing in new and other long term practitioners. Three additional practitioners start in December.

Melody first started with Songbird over four years ago, soon after she moved to the Bay Area. She started sporadically attending the healing clinic and other events until she was finally able to move to Sonoma County and plunge in. She once wrote on the Sign-In Sheet under Where You Heard about It, “I live here.”

Her positive, enthusiastic, and caring energy has drawn many people to Songbird. She took on the position of Assistant Director in the spring. Melody has helped out immeasurably in too many ways to count, both in this position and as a volunteer. The time she has devoted to Songbird has helped me to vision new directions, including our gift store. Her heart remains with Songbird even though it is no longer fitting with her life path. Melody will continue as Assistant Director through the end of December, but is ending her drop-in hours and other volunteer tasks at the end of November. She will be running the Hands of Gold Clinic on November 26 when I am gone and hopes to say her goodbyes at the December 9 clinic and the December 19 party if she is available. You can also see her at drop-in on November 26 from 11-2.

Jane Eldridge, offering Intuitive Deep Healing, will take over Melody’s time slot in December. Jane is an MFT and energy healer who I first met when I started the Hands of Gold Clinic 10 years ago at my house. Soon afterward, she moved to Maui and has recently returned. She is also starting to provide her services at the Hands of Gold Clinic.

Also joining us is Barbara McEntee, who will start doing drop-in on Tuesdays and 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays from 2-5, as well as practicing at the Hands of Gold Clinic. Barbara will be offering Reiki, Theta Healing, and Counseling.

And finally, we have Stephen Barrett, a massage extern from the National Holistic Institute who will be doing drop-in on Fridays from 2-5 and the Hands of Gold Clinic. Marlene Patterson moves to Fridays from 11-2. Pam Rowen-Herzog, who I will also be very sad to see go, will also be moving on from Songbird – another part of the blowing and shifting wind.