Trust in Abundance

8169892157When a challenge arises in your life, do you focus on your fears or do you trust that the abundant Universe will help you succeed? A few weeks ago, Terry Trapp, our nutritionist and iridologist, took a new job. This Saturday is the last day that she will be able to do drop in sessions, but she will still be available for private sessions. After hearing the news, the committee of voices in my head started chattering, “I’m in trouble. Who can I get to cover her hours? Nobody else wants to work Saturdays. I don’t want to have to cover the hours. I don’t want to have to start closing every other Saturday now that we’ve finally gotten a regular schedule…” However, I was able to quickly pull myself out of that space into a space of believing that it would all work. The more I believe, the more the Universe responds, and the easier it is to continue to trust.

The next day, I got an email from Julie White, a clairvoyant who has been on our mailing list. She wanted to offer drop-in hours and was especially interested in Saturdays. She will be taking over Terri’s Saturdays after our October 12 Experience Songbird Saturday. Julie is a Cotati resident with 30 years of experience doing readings. Come check her out at Experience Songbird Saturday, her drop-in hours, the Hands of Gold Clinic, or a private session.

A similar thing happened a couple months ago when our Thursday drop-in practitioner left. This opening provided us with the perfect opportunity to start our new Thursday Hang Out Days which was something we had been wanting to fit in.

Every time I trust, the Universe provides, and I feel more abundant. One of our practitioners took her massage table home that had been very useful at the Hands of Gold Clinic. We were donated another one a couple weeks later. We are growing fast, and the fire department just calculated maximum occupancy for our main room at 120 seated people so we have plenty of room to keep growing.

If there is any area of your life that is not flowing the way you would like, come check out one of our diverse offerings and find what works for you. And stay tuned for other new and exciting changes!