Turn Your Life into A Stress-Free Love Story

How often do you choose to relax and pamper yourself? Summer is the perfect time to focus on this, and Songbird provides you many opportunities this month. Beyond what you do at Songbird, you can also learn to do this in every moment of your day. Here are five ways to help turn your life into a stress-free love story. You can do them on your own or with the help of Songbird.

1. Breathe. It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of life and forget this simple tool. Breath is vital to our living. You can close your eyes now and take a few deep breaths. As you breathe out, release any stress and tension that you have been holding on to.. As you breathe in, let yourself be filled with peace and relaxation. Return to this throughout your day and eventually you’ll find yourself automatically relaxing and breathing without even thinking about it.

2. Discover and release the stories that rule your life. One way to do this is to write down the voices in your head when you are stressed, angry or reacting in ways that you don’t like What are you telling yourself should be different? What do you think you should be doing that you aren’t? Once you identify your beliefs, you can create new ones. For instance, the first time I returned a library book late, I got very upset at myself. I was telling myself I was bad to miss a deadline and have to pay a fine. I created a new story about how grateful the library was to get my money and that it could use it more than me. It’s probably not any more true than the first story, but that doesn’t matter. What was important was how it made me feel. I still consider commitments important, but I no longer beat myself up when Source leads me in another direction.

3. Eat healthy. When I eat regularly and eat the things that my body needs to stay healthy, I feel better about everything in my life. Find what foods work best for your body. Your best friend might be raving about her new diet or the latest nutritional supplement she has discovered, but that doesn’t mean, it is the right one for you. Some people can thrive on junk food and red meat. Others need a vegan organic diet.

4. Relax and pamper yourself. This can be as simple as a bubble bath at home, a trip to the beach, or a hike in the woods. Perhaps it is dancing, meditating, lunch with a friend, or watching your favorite TV show. Again, each person is different. You might think you don’t have time to do pleasurable things for yourself, but taking this time can make you more productive and creative in the rest of your life. You will probably discover that you have more time for everything else instead of less.

5. Trust. You might not know in this moment why you lost your job, broke up with your boyfriend, or got sick, but you can trust that it is all unfolding in the way it is meant to be. When you are focused on why something shouldn’t have happened, there is no room for Source to put something new and better in its place. You can’t even hear the options that are offered to you.

And remember, if you need support, Songbird is here to help you find the best option for you!