Unexpected Gifts

I love the unexpected gifts that life brings me. Yesterday I had a meeting scheduled at Songbird, and the person was running late. It’s a busy week for me, and I could have chosen to get upset at my time being wasted. Instead I was happily updating the bulletin boards while I waited, Because I was there and not in my meeting, I happened to see two people talking and peering in the window of the empty space next to Songbird. They seemed very interested in renting it. I went outside to say hello. It turns out they want to open up a cooperative healing center similar to Songbird, but with a focus on integrating a wide spectrum of herbal and pharmaceutical care. They are excited about the possibility of being next door to us and finding ways to work together without being competitive. I have no idea whether it will work out for them, but I was glad to get to meet, share, and flow. Stay tuned!