Unique Opportuntities

CAM01664Last week I was hiking along the coast at Salt Point State Park and ran across a small and beautiful double waterfall. Since the park was practically deserted, and there is no sign of rain, the number of people who see this very waterfall will probably be very small. This is similar to the journey of life.

Each moment only presents itself the same way to us once. If I were to come back another time, the waterfall might be bigger or smaller depending on the amount of rain, the season, the light, etc. It might be completely gone. Each person who sees it will see it differently. Each moment in time is a unique opportunity and a gift to you that only happens once.

You might find it easy to put things off and say, “I can do that tomorrow,” but tomorrow never comes. There is only today. If you need help remembering that, listen to the song Tomorrow Never Comes by one of my favorite singers, Melissa Philippe (CD available at our gift store, Stones Throw).

Take time today to savor each moment. You will never be able to live it again. Your memories change over time so you can never truly relive it in your head either. Even if you get a second chance at doing something, it will not look the same as today. Each time you do something, you have had new life experiences that makes it different.

Are you taking full advantage of what life is offering you today? Are you fully utilizing the skills that you were born with? Nobody else can see the world the way you do and do things that you do the way you do. Enjoy yourself for who you are and the day for what it is. Take time to enjoy the waterfalls and smell the roses. If you are finding that challenging, you can get support by talking to one of our practitioners, coming to one of our classes, or picking up a visible reminder at our gift store.