Vicki Van Winkle: Trauma Specialist, Psychotherapist, Yoga of the Heart Meditation

vickiVicki Van Winkle, MFA, MFT, specializes in helping people to heal from trauma, depression, anxiety and relationship issues using integrated methods which focus on empowering people inwardly on their healing journey. She taught her first yoga class in 1981 and continued training in yoga, meditation, art, inner work, and Jungian dreamwork. With the Naqushbandi Silent Sufis, she first encountered the deep peace of transcendent meditation, and began to learn how to take on deeper levels of personal responsibility.

In 2005 she met Himalayan Yoga Master Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath and received extensive training in Hamsa Yoga, Surya Yoga and Kriya Yoga Meditation. She has also received extensive training from Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The foundations of Nithyananda’s teachings are known as the four tattwas: Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching Others Lives. These principles guide and provide clarity to the therapeutic work.

Vicki completed an MFA at Calfornia College of Art in 1989 and an MA in Clinical Psychology in 1994. She is licensed as a psychotherapist by the State of California. Her training included the private practice of Landry Wildwind, LCSW, one of the earliest and most creative therapists teaching EMDR at that time. (Eye Movement De-sensensitization and Reprocessing). Art is still a big part of Vicki’s personal life, but she chose to pursue a career in psychotherapy and trauma recovery work instead.  


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