Wake Up

We are putting on a film festival with HopeDance FiLMS on the weekend of July 16-17. One of the movies is entitled Wake Up, and I have adopted it as the theme for July. The movie Wake Up tells the true story of a man who one day woke up and started seeing angels, demons, auras, and ghosts. This is one of the many things we are waking up to that we used to know nothing about. One way I will be waking up this month is by taking a trip to Mount Shasta to relax and learn more about crystal skulls. I will be starting to use them for healing at the Hands of Gold Healing Clinic soon.

What will we wake up to as we move toward 2012? Time seems to be speeding up. There are so many theories about what is happening from spiritual evolution to Hollywood horror stories to the Rapture. In Crossing the Event Horizon: Rise to the Equation, the fascinating 4-part film we have been showing at Songbird about Nassim Haramein’s unified physics theory, Nassim talks about us approaching the event horizon. What is beyond it? Just as a baby rapidly shifts from one environment to another when it is born, is this what is happening to us? I don’t know, but I find it fascinating to explore possibilities.

Waking up is about learning, exploring, listening, and not acting on blind faith. Waking up is about discovering what is happening in the world and taking action on the things that you want to shift. Lately I have been learning about UFO’s and ET’s. I had no idea how much concrete evidence there is for unexplainable aerial objects and extraterrestrial visitation. Our government has suppressed this. There are many other things the government is suppressing. such as our access to raw milk and small farms. This is the subject of another one of the films in our film festival: Farmageddon.

And sometimes, the easiest way to heal and relieve stress is by taking a break and laughing. This simple healing technique is the subject of our third film. Laughology. This movie is about the history of laughter and includes a laughter yoga session.

I hope that this kind of information that we share with you along with our many opportunities for healing and personal growth is helping you to wake up and succeed in being all that you can be.